The use of enamelled wire points

Product management methods

1. The storage place of products should avoid high temperature and humid environment, because the insulating film may cause

discoloration of the copper wire.

2. Avoid storing or winding wires in places containing special gases (such as halogen gas, etc.), dust and various metal powders.

3. Special attention should be paid to the moving of the products, do not throw, fall or roll the products. Broken spool or edge injury of the product can become the cause of deterioration of enameled wire characteristics

Precautions for coil

1. During the winding process, when the line of the spool is used up, the end line wil splash in the winding part of the high-speedrotating coil. Safety glasses should be worn to prevent eye injury.

2. When dealing with the end line of the coil with stripping agent, full attention should be paid to not paving stripping agent on the coil outside the stripping part, and the remaining stripping agent on the stripping part should be wiped clean.

3.Winding operation tension

The winding process should prevent the enameled wire from being stretched, which affects the electrical and mechanical properties of

the enameled wire.

4. Notice that the cable is damaged after being rolled

The enamelled wire has a very thin film, and pinholes may appear when the wire is rolled. lf these occur, the enamelled wire should be


Dip the paint point

1.In order to protect the coil, the compatibility of enamelled wire and paint should be carefully considered.

2. After dipping, if the enameled wire is repeatedly bent, there may be cracks in the enameled film due to the poor winding property of the enameled film. There may also be cracks in the enameled film due to the strong paying force of the enameled film and the insulating film.

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