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Attention in the using of Enameled wire

1.Product management

A  The storage places of the Enameled wire should be avoid hot and humid.

B  The storage places shouldn’t with special gas(such as halogen gas, etc.), dust and various metal powder.  

C  In the process of moving the Enameled wire, it can’t be threw, dropped and rolled. These will be the reasons for the deterioration of Enameled wire.

2.Attention in the rolling of Enameled wire

A  The end of the wire will be flying on the spool when the Enameled wire is ending. So the work should wear a glasses to protect his/her eyes.

B  When using the stripping agent to deal with end line of the coil, it should not be pay off the agent on the other parts of coil. Stripping agent should wipe clean.

C  Tension control

The volumes should be controlled smaller when coil the line. Prevention of Enameled wire was stretched, or it will impact on the performance of the Enameled wire.  

D  Injuries in the volume process

The coating of Enameled wire is very thin, it may be damaged in the volume process. So the pinhole should be detected after volume.

3.Soaking in the paint

A  It should be paid attention to the compatibility of Enameled wire and paint.

B  After soaking, the coating of Enameled wire will be crack if the enameled wire be bended over and over.

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