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The LITZ wire can be served with single or double Nylon fiber. Typically used in high frequency inductor and transformers, Wireless charging, Solar and Power supply units and induction heating equipment.To meet the needs of wireless charging devices, self-bonding UDTC wire and Self-bonding LITZ wire are designed for our customer.

Single Enameled wire size 0.03-0.80(mm)
The strands of Enameled wire 2-20000

Magnet wire,

Solderable                                                                    Heat-proof

IEC 60317-4; MW 75C, 130℃                                       IEC 60317-22; MW76C, 180℃

IEC 60317-20; MW 79C, 155℃                                     IEC 60317-13; MW35, 200℃

IEC 60317-21; MW 80C, 155℃                                     IEC 60317-7; MW74, 220℃

IEC 60317-52; MW 82C, 180℃

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